Room isn't loading

A room I use isn’t working. It hops on the page when I click the link but doesn’t completely load. What do I do?

Hey… Which Browser in which version are you using?

Crome, edge and firefox

Ok… your browser should be fine. In Chome: Can your right click on the the page and select “Inspect”. Do you see an error messages in the console window that pops up?

I’m not finding anything other than: error - you have been disconected. Refresh page to reconnect.
Which I’ve already done.

Did you try to delete your browser cache & cookies and load the site again?

Yes, I have done that.

Can you send me a screenshot of the site to

They’ve been sent…

I’m having the same issue. usually my fiancee and I’s wallpaper shows up or gets wiped in major updates but it won’t load anything, never has this problem happened before, It functions enough to allow me to put a video in then it plays for 3 seconds, buffers, pauses and doesn’t unpause. playlists won’t load and no amout of refreshing or computer restarting helps it at all.

Hi! Can you please send me the link to the room to and i’ll have a look. Which browsers in which version are both of you using?

I just fixed a bug that might be related to your issue. Please give it a try…