Room got deleted?

Hey, we had a temporary room and just after 6 hours it got deleted. We were debating stuff like if Traps are gay. Are there keywords that get the channel automatically closed if its a temporary channel? Not only that but I changed my auto name but after the room got closed I had the “User-xxxx” name again. I didn’t said anything out of the ordinary though.

This was when I didn’t had an account yet.

Edit: That the room got deleted because of a bad word is just speculation there could be a other bug that is doing this. The room got closed 20 mins after we had the debate and used words like genitals. Basically if transsexuals are gay you get the idea, lol. But it’s weird that it would take the site 20 mins to delete the room because of it, so maybe there is a different reason? Would be cool to know what the reason was so it doesn’t happen again.

Hi & thanks for your feedback! There are no word filters or the like on Watch2Gether, so that was for sure not the cause. Are you 100% sure the room was deleted after just 6 hours?

Yes I tried starting a new video but it didn’t start playing. Then I refreshed the page and the room was gone. My friend didn’t notice but after he refreshed it was gone too. Hm, so I guess a server problem or moderator removed the room? If watch2gether even has moderators checking rooms.

If this happens again what can we do to best help you to fix it?

Did the person who created the room use an registered Watch2Gether account? Rooms are deleted on two conditions:

  • Temporary rooms are deleted after ~ 24 hours.
  • All kind of rooms are deleted after the user who created the room (the owner) is deleted.

Please keep in mind that a non registered user is deleted after about a week and in this case all of the rooms created by this user are deleted as well, no matter how old they are.

The best thing is to use a registered account to create rooms and to save rooms if they should be used for a longer period of time.

Oh that’s very interesting. The person who created the room was not registered. So about every week as a non registered user you get a new “name” and at that time it just happened to be that mine was a week old? Even though I was active at the time playing videos?

Yes, when you are unregistered, the user entry on the server is deleted after about a week, no matter what you are doing at that moment. Otherwise data of unregistered users would pile up on the server side and use resources. Keep in mind that unregistered users are tied to a cookie. So when you delete your cookies you are loosing connection to that unregistered user as well. It’s therefore the best to use an registered account when creating rooms.