Reset the link of a w2g room?

Is it possible to reset the link of a w2g room?
So the room stays the same but all of the people you dont want dont get to join anymore without a new invite?

Thanks a lot for your feedback. Unfortunately that’s not possible. You can block people which should work to a certain degree in your case. Would it be an option to simply create a new room?

Thank you for the quick answer.
How can you block people and does it work for guest accounts?
Creating a new room would be the logical option but i created the room in like 2016 and we’re still using it to this day so theres some kind of emotional value attached to the room :smiley:
This might sound weird but it is how it is :smiley:

You can block users under „Moderation“ in the room settings dialog. Another option would be to set the room to „Members only“. This way you have to approve every new user entering the room and no one can join without your explicit approval.