Reordering playlist bug

For some reason when I first join a room, I’m unable to reorder any playlists unless I reload the room - and furthermore, when I go to do that, I get a message saying “This Watch2gether room does not exist. (Temporary rooms will be deleted after 24 hours.)”. However, once I go back to the list of rooms and select that same room, it opens as normal and allows me to reorder playlists as usual. Very frustrating.

Thanks a lot for your bug report! A few questions:

  • Does this happen in all rooms you visit or just in one specific one?
  • Which browser are you using?
  • Do you have any extensions installed and does it make a difference when you disable them?


I’m on Chrome, I disabled a browser extension I had installed and it seems to have fixed the problem - it had been happening in all rooms but I don’t notice it anymore. If that’s fixed it then thank you very much, but I’ll update this if it starts up again.

Thanks a lot for the update! Would you mind letting me know which extension it was?