"Remove Video" option

Would it be possible to add Remove Video button/option, so that nothing plays and the window stays idle?

It’s rather annoying when joining the room how the video from yesterday starts auto-playing, and we are being forced to pause it while adding another. A simple remove played video option would let users “clean up” the room when they are exiting it, so the next time they enter the room it would not auto-play anything before adding a new video.

Edit: I just realized it could be abusable if there are plenty of people in the room, so maybe just make it so only the owner or privileged users in the room can do it.

Hi and thanks for you feedback! Right now there is no such option. As a workaround you can set a video that shows a black screen. Search for “black screen” on YouTube. For easy access you can put it on one of you playlists.

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Thanks for the response! It was just one of the convenience suggestions that would make the site even better. Hope to see something like that in the future though!

Thanks, I appreciate your feedback and keep your suggestion in mind!