Refresh YouTube Playlists


From my day to day usage of Watch2Gether with my friends, I’ve found the experience pretty flawless but there are a few minor things that just get a bit annoying like having to delete and re-import YouTube playlists to refresh them (to show videos that have been added to that playlist). It would be great to have a playlist refresh button to show the newer videos added to it.

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Thanks for using Watch2Gether and for your feedback! I agree that this would be an awesome feature. It requires, however, quite some effort to implement this the right way. For example: What would happen to videos which have been deleted from the original playlist or to videos which have been added manually to a W2G playlist… or how to handle the order of videos in a proper way. Maybe it would make sense to have a playlist type which is a one to one copy of a Youtube list kept in sync automatically and which can not be changed manually… I’m open for ideas here.

Hi, sorry for the late reply. As a side note I really find it impressive that you manage all the ideas that are given to you by W2G users =). In my opinion and usage of Watch2Gether for over a year, I’ve never felt the need to use a W2G playlist, I’ve always just imported my Playlists from YouTube. I can’t say the same for everybody but it’s the same with my friends that use W2G. My suggestion is to have a separate tab for your custom W2G playlists and YouTube playlists, and in the tab of the YouTube playlists there could be a refresh button located somewhere which refreshes the playlist (and adds new videos that have been added, and also removes videos that have been deleted from it OR just shows the videos as “Deleted Video” like YouTube does). It would make the experience of W2G much better :slight_smile:

Also looking back at your idea of “have a playlist type which is a one to one copy of a Youtube list kept in sync” is a very good idea! That would be perfect :slight_smile:

Thanks once more, i appreciate your input. I can not promise a quick implementation of this, but i keep it mind for the next time i work on the playlists!