Recent "___ is typing" status implementation makes it impossible to see messages

Title says it all. I’ve tried w2g on two differwnt android phones now, and each time there is a big black rectangle obscuring messages entirely, making it impossible to see any. All I can do is type. It’s inconvenient and I hope there can be a fix for this soon. The implementation was a good idea, it just seems like it doesn’t work for most phone’s screen resolutions.

Thanks a lot for your feedback. Which phone and which browser are you using?

Hi! One phone is an LG Stylo 4, while the other is a Moto E4 Plus. Both using Google Chrome. If it helps, I’ve taken a screenshot of what the bar looks like. Shown here:

Thanks a lot. That looks indeed broken. Are you sure it was fine before the typing indicator was introduced? And do you know which Chrome version that is? If in doubt, check

Do i understand it correctly that messages are scrolling in the little rectangle?