Re-Sync in the extension don't work

Hi, we have been trying to see videos for a few days but only re-sync does not work for me, from google chrome and not even from firefox, these days I have also formatted the computer for other problems but it does not work even now, as should i do to solve? I would like to resolve as soon as possible, thanks

Hi and thanks for your feedback! Can you explain in detail (step by step) whats not working for you? I’m not sure what you exactly mean with “re-sync”.

When i try to watch a video from other website with your extension in the top of the screen there is a message that say “This video is out of sync” and there is a “resync” button, i click it but don’t work, (A screenshot of the error)

Can you send me the link of the site you are trying to watch in a private message?

Which browser are you using? Can you try a different one (Chrome or Firefox are supported).

I’ve tried, but it doesn’t work too

Does the W2gSync work for you when try it with a different site?

No, it doesn’t work in any site

Do you have any other extensions installed? Can you try to disable them one by one and check if that makes a difference?

Yes I have already tried, and i tried also in Firefox without any other extension but nothing changes

Really hard to say. Are you using the latest version of the extension? Version 6.5

Yes i use the version 6.5