Random Users Joining

Hello! Me and my friends always use this website, but we don’t have a permanent room. we always recreate rooms and have them temporarily but here’s the problem. every now and then, starting a month or 2 ago, someone has joined the room that we don’t know. its only ever just 1 person every time, never more than one. usually they stay a couple seconds and leave, but the past 2 times have been different. they joined once and we questioned who they were and they replied with “c” and immediately left afterwards. today though in the room we’re currently in, someone joined and stayed longer than usual. we questioned who they were and they actually replied with a simple “sorry” and then left right after. i’m wondering if this is a bug or something? i suspected it was a bot at first but now that they’re replying and messaging back i think its an actual person joining. we only ever post the links in our private group on Discord so there is no way anyone should be able to get in besides us. Thank you for reading this and i hope you can get back to us soon!

Hi and thanks for your feedback. Usually cases likes this happen when the link of the room is shared through a services that uses bots to index or check or validate links. Can you send me a link to room where this issue happened? You can send it per email to florian@watch2gether.com

oh i see, that makes sense then! i know that discord does have a thing where it validates links so it may have just been bots that were joining the room and thats why there were random users. i dont mind if bots join and go or anything, im assuming its just discord. i confronted my friends and one of them finally owned up to coming in secretly and typing things to mess with us, so im sorry about the confusion! we got it all sorted out though so it should be okay. thank you for your help and time though i do appreciate it a lot!

Ok, I’m glad we could solve this issue :slight_smile: