Random person in my room

Hi, last night i watched a video with someone in a room that’s private, i shared the link as “dm” on discord.
Today i wanted to watch something with the same person, in the same room when we just saw someone that was there but offline. Could it be a real person? It’s not me nor my friend on an old account, but you can see me twice as “conicu” and “dead” because i just created an account and i have both links opened. Can you check if the other dude is a real person? Thanks in advance. I just dont wanna worry about someone clicking on a link that was in a private message.

Thanks for your feedback and sorry for the late reply. Usually these kind of “users” are either search engine bots or one of the regular room members who accidentally joined the room without logging into their Watch2Gether account. You don’t have to worry regarding the message. At the moment there is no message history. People who join a room can only see messages that are sent while they are online in the room and not any older ones.

But the thing is, it never happened before and now it happens constantly. So what could it be?

Can you send me a link to one of your rooms to florian@watch2gether.com ?

I’m having the same issue, just made an acct today and only sent the link to this particular room to one person. There are now 2 other users in the room just lurking. Going through youtube videos only if that’s relevant at all

Thanks for your feedback. A couple of questions:

Are these users shown as online?
Do they somehow interact with the room?
How did you share the link with the other person?



is it posible that when the room admin login in his room, two “ghost” users what shows online come automatic also?

Whenever a user who is not logged into a Watch2Gether account enters a room, a new user might be created on the fly. There is, however, not automatic creation of such user. Sometimes these kind of users are created by search engine bots that scan the URL of the room. How did you share the link with your friends?

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