Random People Joining!

Hello! I recently had a strange occurrence that was kind of unsettling, so I thought I should let you know about it. My friends and I were watching videos, and out of nowhere one or two strangers joined. I wasn’t really paying attention at first, so I wasn’t able to get a screenshot of chat in time BUT I know for certain only I, and my 3 other friends had access to the link because it was in a private discord chat. I’m not very familiar with watch2gether, but you can only join the room, even if it’s public, through the shared link right? The stranger or strangers started asking about where we lived, listing each place we were in, and that they knew because they could see our ip addresses. We quickly kicked them out because that was creepy, and they joined shortly after saying “I’m back again”. This freaked us out and seemed like something that isn’t supposed to happen! If you want me to email you the room link, I can do so! Thanks

Thanks a lot for your feedback! Yes you need to know the room link to join a room. Could it be that the link leaked out of your discord room somehow? Please send me the link to the room as PM and I have a look! As a precaution you can set a room to “Members Only” in the room settings. This way you have to approve every new user visiting a room.

how do you approve them?

Simply click on the “thumbs up” icon in the avatar of the user that wants to join.