Random people joining in room without link


We have the same issue with our room. My friend was streaming (not a big streamer just for fun) well and someone joined the room and kept changing the video. we also swiched rooms. the problem with that is that we didnt noticed him and he skipped to ‘p*nis enlargement videos’. Somehow funny but we thought your webside is broken. We were shoked and worried because of the stream and instantly left. now 2 hours later i inspected it again and found out. i will message you a link now but beware the video is still in there … :slight_smile:

Did you share the link somewhere publicly? As a room owner you can prevent this with two measures:

  • Enable “Members Only” in the moderation settings. This way every new user have to be aproved.
  • Enable “Selected Item” in the moderation settings. This way only the owner of a room can change the video.

I have a look at your email as well.