Queue Titles in playlists

Hi there,
first of all i really have to thank you guys. This page is really awesome and it improves my enjoyment while playing online with my friends. so … THANK YOU !!!

My idea is, that it would be great, if you could queue songs like in winamp. Just righclick the song in playlists and then 1 2 3 4 5… songs are next in shuffle mode. afterwards the shuffle procedure continues automatically

regards Dirk

if this topic already exists … sry … tldr ^^

Hi Dirk, you mean like marking a playlist item to be played next?

yes. in winamp it is “q”. then the selected song is played next. and afterwards the shuffle continues

I’m going to work on playlist system in the next month and keep your idea in mind. Maybe there is a way to implement this in a user-friendly way…

very nice. thanks. and if you could arrange that you can rename your playlist would be nice too. Anyways … you are doing good work. thumbs up

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