Push to talk button for users as well as selection in broadcast cam

I have just started using this website and so far I like it. My only two complaints so far is the fact there is no way to make it to have push 2 talk sometimes me and my friends just want to enjoy the show without talking and it becomes a pain when someone has a bad connection and they keep having to cam back up and we have to all mute their mic.

I have more than one cam connected to the computer and even software id like to show when I start the broadcast it only lets me do my default cam instead of choosing my broadcast source which should definitely be noted.

Thanks a lot for your feedback. Do i understand you correctly that you like to have an “audio only” option for the webcam?

I would like the opposite which is cam only no audio for when we watch a documentary, I have been disabling my mic through my computer settings.

I also have friends that join from all over the world some of them have bandwidth limits and the ability to hide a user’s camera and or video would be nice for those users to save bandwidth.

Thank you for the response and for the website!

Thanks for your reply. I will think about an video only mode. People can join without enabling their webcam alread (if they have bandwidth limitations). Doesn’t that help?

I get what hes talking about, Most cam sites have a “Push to talk.” Most people only want to hear each other when talking. Push2talk audio lets you control when the mic is open/close…this helps with lag, echo and over all quality(esp for those with shitty mics that pick up a lot of background noise.) Just imagine 6 people on cam, all with different background noise, all trying to watch a video. The background noise turns into a total distraction. This is strong feature that you guys should definitely consider.

Also being able to do MIC only is a pretty good option as well.

Thanks a lot for your input. A push to talk option is now online:

When you enable the cam, its by default muted. Hover over your own video and you see a “mic” icon.

  • Clicking on the icon: The mute state of your microphone is toggeld on and off.
  • Click and hold: The mic is unmuted. - Release: The mic is muted again. (push to talk)

Please provide feedback!


Thanks so much for making this happen! A lot of my friends are now checking out the site and we all appreciate what you guys are doing. Keep it up!

Excuse me but whenever I Enable my microphone, It cuts out randomly on the site causing noone to hear me. Is there any solution to this because my microphone works well yet the site disables it randomly

Hi… Can you provide some more details? Is the mic disabled completely after a while or do you experience only short interruptions? The video is working fine?

I found out what the problem is, It’s the browser support on the website, It needs more than chrome or firefox. My friends use alot of different browsers so that maybe the issue.

And I also believe that it could disable the mic fully after. so its either a site issue or a browser support issue.