Public Rooms, Locked Rooms

I don’t know if this already a work-in-progress, but a friend of mine has mentioned something about a troll bugging a room of theirs. They tried banning them, but it would seem the individual knows how to get around the ban. Whether the ban works by using cache/login/ip-address, there seems to be nothing stopping them from just hopping in with a different guest/user account/hidden ip-address. While I understand just making a new room would get rid of the problem I’d like to at least propose the idea of an access key of sorts?

Once used it requires either one each: An invite generated url for that specific room that expires, or that the user has already been to that room before using said invite.

Of course it would only be a feature for permanent rooms, or at least I would think?

Thanks for reading, I hope you consider it. I feel like it’d make permanent rooms much more permanent if they can be controlled a lot more.

Hi and thanks for your input. To handle such issues i lately introduced the “Members only” option. As the owner of a room, you can enable it in the moderation menu. When the feature is active, every new user has to be approved by the owner. This way you can keep unwanted users from your rooms while you still have a common invite URL. Give its a try and let me know if that helps in your case!