Problem with webcam freezing frequently

Me and my girlfriend have been having problems with Watch2Gether where for it for some reason freezes my girlfriends webcam image on my end (sometimes because we change video, type in the chat or even if haven’t done either of those), but the video will keep going on like normal. I usually leave the room and come back and that seems to fix it, but this latest session it seemed to do that every 5-6 minutes or so. This issue only seems to happen on my end and I’m using Google Chrome

Thanks for your feedback. Which browser is your girlfriend using?

She uses Chrome also

Thanks i’ll run some tests tomorrow and see if i can figure something out!

We tested Not only Chrome, but Firefox and Edge too and it still freezes my girlfriends webcam on my end (on her end everything works as it should) every 6 minutes.

Can you give it a try and check if its better now? I rolled out an update today…

Everything seems to work alright now. Thank you.