Problem playing video

Ok I’m in a room with friends and Everytime starting 2 days ago it keeps saying “click here to watch on YouTube” and I’m on mobile and never have experienced this problem I went on Google chrome to see if that worked and it’s still doing the same please help

Thanks a lot for your feedback! Do you see this with every video you try to play? Are your friends experiencing the same issue?

It’s only happening with me we did every video and it just keeps happening we also tried doing another room and it keeps doing it…it’s been doing it for the past two days

Did you change anything with your internet connection? Are you using a VPN or any kind of firewall? Did you try to clear all your cookies and the browser cache? This is for sure an issue an Youtube’s side.

I’ve already done that but yeah Im starting to think it might be on YouTubes side sadly

Are you using Chrome on your mobile as well or it that a Desktop / Laptop? In which country are you located?

I’m using chrome on mobile and I’m in the U.S

Thanks… Does it make a difference when you use Wifi instead of mobile data (or the other way around)?

Doesn’t really make a difference