Private Vimeo Videos- No titles or thumnails appear

I am trying to add private vimeo videos to my playlist. They have the “embed in any site” setting selected and W2G finds the video but does not show the thumbnail nor the title. It just says “Vimeo Video.” This means I have a ton of videos in my playlist with all the same title and can’t differentiate between one and another. How can I see the title name or thumbnail or rename the video once it’s in my playlist?
Thanks for the help!

Hi Chad, thanks for getting in touch. The option “embed in any site” means that the video is allowed to be embedded but in order to get the title and thumbnail from the Vimeo API the video need to be public. To make private videos playable at all, Watch2Gether uses a fallback and displays only “Vimeo Video” instead. Right now there is no way to edit the playlist manually. A workaround could be (if possible in your case) to set the videos public on vimeo just to add them to the playlist. Afterwards they can be set back to private again.

Florian just updated this to include thumbnails and titles for private videos so they are visible now, thanks!