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I love the IDEA of your service but you offer no privacy when it comes to your browser extension since it gathers all information that you enter into any website forms along with your passwords that absolutely unacceptable does the pay version of this site offer any privacy?

Hi & thanks for your feedback. Our browser extension does not collect or store any user data at all besides a Watch2Gether session cookie. What makes you think it does?

When I went to install it in Firefox under permissions it states that this add-on can: Access your data for all websites: and Access browser tabs. when you click learn more about permissions it states and click Access your data for all websites it says "The extension can read the content of any web page you visit as well as data you enter into those web pages, such as usernames and passwords. " Thats what Firefox says.

The extension enables a feature called W2gSync which allows you to sync–up videos from websites which are not directly integrated in Watch2Gether. In order to do so the extension needs to access the video object included in a website that you open through W2gSync and therefore requires certain permissions from the browser.

Similar like a mobile app a web extension can request permissions in generic permission groups. There is no “access a video” permission but only a “access data” permission and that’s what Firefox reports to you. But does not mean that any sensitive data such as passwords is actually touched or collected by the extension.

Additionally Watch2Gether itself works fine without the extension as well (besides the W2gSync feature) and there is no difference whether you have subscribed to Watch2Gether +Plus or not. I hope this helps!

Oh thanks so much for your prompt reply I think I understand what your talking about and I will do some more research into what you are referring to because I have noticed that most all of the extinctions that I have been using do the same thing and this is the first time that I have taken a look at the permissions that I’m allowing when I allow a extension to install. I have no problems with you the developers to gather any and all information that you may need to build a nice and useful service such as this. I’m on worried about the integrity of my security and my privacy. If you can serve me ad’s of cars that i would like to buy services that I’m interested in than I’m all in you must make money to survive but all to often these days if something is free then you are the product and I would rather know how my data is going to be used.

I really like your site. It is laid out very nicely and clean and I thank you for that.

Yes, you are right, many extensions request these permissions in order to fulfill their purpose. But i totally understand your question and that your would like to know what happens to your data. This is the technical documentation, in case you want to read it:

Thanks for your feedback & enjoy Watch2Gether!

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Oh wow thanks. So the API that you are using is it Firefox’s API or do you have to use YouTube’s API or are you having to juggle alot of APIs to stitch all this together to make it work?

Browser extensions are usually based on the web extensions standard which is supported by all major browsers nowadays. The site itself uses quite a lot third party APIs to integrate the content platforms.

Thanks so much you have been very helpful. Have a good night.