Possible to be about 95 people in one room


I would like to hold an online premiere for my short film. We have a guest list of 95 people, so about 70-95 will be in the room. Can Watch2gether handle that without bugs etc. ?

  • We are going to upload the film with Vimeo

The system can handle the load but the rooms itself are designed for small groups. But i know that there are people who used it with 100+ users per room. The webcam feature will not work with more than ~10 users in the room though.

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So only the first 10 would have the ability to connect the camera?

Does Watch2gether have plan to increase this limit of 10 webcam users?

We are using a peer to peer webcam system which does not (at least for now) scale very well for large groups. However, 10 is not neccesarly a hard limit. How many users / room would you need?


I need at least 14 users to be allowed webcam access. Please update the room to account for more than ten people.

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I see that we can be more than 10 in the room, although we cannot activate the webcam. However, are we able to use just the mic? We don’t need to see each other on Watch2Gether, but we need to hear each other, as we are doing karaoke sessions. We see each other on Zoom.

At the moment cam and mic are both disabled. Can you use zoom for video and audio?

No. Zoom tends to focus on one person’s audio at a time and thus is not adequate for karaoke. Please upgrade the w2g rooms to allow more than 15 people to use microphone & camera.

Thanks for your feedback. Yes we are working on a higher number for the webcam system.

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