Possible to be about 95 people in one room


I would like to hold an online premiere for my short film. We have a guest list of 95 people, so about 70-95 will be in the room. Can Watch2gether handle that without bugs etc. ?

  • We are going to upload the film with Vimeo

The system can handle the load but the rooms itself are designed for small groups. But i know that there are people who used it with 100+ users per room. The webcam feature will not work with more than ~10 users in the room though.

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So only the first 10 would have the ability to connect the camera?

Does Watch2gether have plan to increase this limit of 10 webcam users?

We are using a peer to peer webcam system which does not (at least for now) scale very well for large groups. However, 10 is not neccesarly a hard limit. How many users / room would you need?

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I need at least 14 users to be allowed webcam access. Please update the room to account for more than ten people.