Please florian, change the layout back to classic

iam being very serious. This new layout is something a bad programmer would do in 10 minutes. I mean this website is already on another level from designe wise and beats youtube anytime, but this new layout in the rooms i dont quiet like it that much. I bet many feel this like me.

Bitte, füge ein Button unten hinzu um zur klassichen Version zurückzukehren :(.


I agree 100%, Most people seem to think that the ui and everything must change on a monthly basis regardless on how terrible the outcome. The many room users i have now flood under my video and is incredibly annoying, The left bar although hideable is completely unnecessary. And the massive huge chat looks like a direct ripoff. 0/10 no points for effort.

This —> Doesnt seem annoying at all???

Also hilariously the suggested videos will repeat themselves constantly as you scroll down SHAME.

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Thank you both for your feedback. Although it’s not so positive i do see it as a sign that you care about the site and appreciate your support for making things better.

Besides the visual appearance the new layout introduces some changes to the communication protocol with the back end servers as well. Additionally it requires less resources on server and browser side and will ultimately let the site run faster and scale better. It’s therefore not an option to keep the old layout and make it available through a switch. Future updates would be much more complex and the whole development process would be slowed down.

Let’s work together on making the new layout suitable for everyone. I’m always open for constructive and concrete feedback and suggestions.

I wouldn’t say it’s horrible, but the previous one did fit better when I had one more browser instance open, and they were side-by-side.

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Can start by being able to hide the users or move them to a more friendly location (top right of chat was perfect!), auto hiding the left bar with the option to open it and use 30% of the left screen with a blank menu, shortening the chat box almost by half so its not exactly 's ui copy pasted, the communication and backend stuff is great and the site feels slightly more stable.

The new layout also feels like it completely ruins the point of having + to customize the room as the majority of the rearrange covers nearly everything now.

Edit, Its exactly the same as twitch. Not being deconstructive or unpositive, just being observant. Twitch Watch2gether