Please add a master volume setting

Please add a master volume setting to the permanent rooms. I use it to play background music and battle music during table top gaming and by default most videos are so loud you have to set them to 1 or 2 PIXELS of volume or they are too loud. If I could set the master room volume to 50% threshold to start, people wouldn’t be forced to have their ears blown out or struggle to lower the volume enough to hear the players voices over the music.

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Hi @user_068e36a1a528a95

I too like the idea of a master volume control, separate from the individual users volume controls.

My use case is slightly different from yours, but I think the effect is the same.

My friends and I chat (and play chess) whilst listening to music together, and there are certain moments at which it would be nice to be able to temporarily raise the volume for everyone.

This implies that everyone should set an individual maximum volume which the master control cannot exceed (say 70% for a specific user). When the Master is at 100%, it means 75% for them. Individual users would be able to choose how much they want their heads blasted, when the drop comes.

But then for normal listening, the master could be at say 50%, which would be mapped proportionally to what each user declared as their maximum (35% for our example user).

Final thought: In keeping with the democratic spirit of W2G, everyone should have access to the Master control as well.

Thanks for your input… Volume is a tricky thing because there are so many volume settings in line with each other “Video Volume > System Volume > Speaker Volume” Some users are on headsets others use speakers. Some might have a baby sleeping next door :slight_smile: Setting a volume remotely that works for everyone will be hardly possible. What might make sense though is some kind of automatic audio normalization that levels out the volume differences of the videos. But i will have to check whats technically possible there.