Playlists, anyone?

After update of W2G rooms I can’t find any way to open my playlists.
Yeah, I can add something into it, but for what reasons& I can’t open playlist and can’t see what I add into it.

I’m not sure what you mean. The playlist does not show up in the drop down menu on the left?

After your answer I found what’s wrong.
I use W2G on second screen which is only 1280x1024. And the last update of gui had broken functionality of main interface (how tested it? First rule of gui tests: “use different screen sizes”).
I can’t see dropdown menu on the left in any way on my screen.
But I don’t want to move this tab to other screen, because it makes my experience worse and worse.

Thanks for you input. The sidebar is hidden by default on small screens. You can show it by clicking on the arrow symbol in the lower left corner. But i agree that this could be communicated better…

Make it less transparent, please. It is almost invisible with my background pic.

You can control the background transparency in the room settings. Did you try that?

Yeah, I know about it. And I like my background and don’t want to change it.
So… Please?, just make this button less transparent.

Ahhh you are just talking about the “hide” button? I agree that’s a good point.