Playlist won't autoplay

If I have a playlist playing, when the first video in the queue ends, it stops 1 second short of actually finishing, and it then doesn’t go to the next video. Is this getting patched soon?

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Hi and thanks for your feedback! From which platform is the video that stops 1 second short of finishing? Does this happen as well when there is another video at 1st position?

It happens when pulling videos from YouTube. I usually use this site as a source of background music for some games with friends, and it’s only recently started happening. Usually my playlists are one selected song/video that I’ve put into the playlist repeatedly so that it just loops.

Thanks i’ll run some tests next week and will fix this asap.

Yes I imported a playlist but it wont autoplay.
Only the first song of the playlist plays and the playlist does not continue for me :frowning:

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Thanks for you feedback. Are you talking about a playlist from Youtube?

My playlist also does not auto play now. It’s a list made from songs off of Youtube.

Is it not working for all you playlists (if you have more than one in the room)?

same issue here. we cant get the playlist to autoplay

When you create a new playlist in the same room with a few sample videos. Does that list autoplay? It would help me to understand whether this issue is related to the playlist of to the room.

Yeah it does now if i use some sample videos

You could mail me the link to the room with the broken playlist and I’ll have a look:

I have this same problem. Imported playlist from youtube, and the videos won’t autoplay and I don’t see a fix to this.

Thanks a lot for your feedback! Is the owner of the room online when this happens?

A few hours after this post the problem solved itself, strangely enough.

Thanks everyone for providing feedback on this issue. The auto play feature of the playlists depends on a correct online status of all users. I have just rolled out an update which should increase the accuracy of the presence system and should therefore help with this issue as well.

I realize this is an old topic, but I notice the issue still persists that if all Users are not Logged On the video will not autoplay. Will this ever be fixed? I wish I had known of this bug before I upgraded my account because without the autoplay this doesn’t work for my requirements.

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The issue still exists please fix it

I’m also having this issue!! It occurs on youtube vids mostly!!!