Playlist URLs are limited to 256 characters


Adding a long URL to a playlist, the link is cut off after the 256 character.
Through this the video is not playable anymore.
This problem does not occur, when playing the video directly.

Steps to reproduce

  1. Get a long link > 256 characters (I can provide one over DM since my links expire after some hours)
  2. Add the link to the playlist
  3. Try to play the video (fails)

Also try to play the video directly from the search results → works.


In the POST request to sync_update, the URL is still complete.
However, in the WebSocket “playlist_items” target response, the URL is too short.

Browsers used

  • Firefox 95 on Windows 10
  • Chrome 96 on Windows 10

Thanks a lot for your feedback. There might indeed be a limit in the URL length. I put it on the todo list!

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