Playlist Reordering Problem

It’s slightly hard to describe this, but I figured out how to make a small clip of the issue…

Basically what happens is when I try to reorder the playlist by clicking and dragging a video in the playlist to elsewhere, a different video entirely gets moved. Doesn’t seem to have a correlation between videos.

I used Microsoft Edge and the issue persists. I’m using Chrome to watch on Watch2Gether, with my version being the latest (86.0.4240.75 ; 64-Bit).

I remember this being a problem I had some years back but it randomly fixed itself.

Thanks for your bug report. Does this issue persist after you reload the site?

Yup, sadly. This has spanned across a few days. :sweat_smile:

Does this happen with every playlist your create or just a specific one?

I hadn’t tested this and when I went to test it just now, the problem was entirely solved.
Very bizarre issue… perhaps someone unintentionally fixed it, or perhaps it’s an issue with the playlist being very old, with the room itself being made over a year ago and the playlist we primarily use being of a similar age.

Anywhich way, if it pops up again I’ll post again or repost onto here, whichever is preferred. If it’s a different sort of bug, a new post ofc… But anyway! Thank you kindly for your response and support :slight_smile: I always felt the W2G support team responds pretty fast.

Thanks a lot for your feedback. Yes, please let me know if this happens again!