Playlist not working[Resolved]

Hello, i saw that someone talked about a similar problem 20 days ago, but we never know it might be a different issue.

So what’s going on is that when clicking on a video on a playlist it does launch the video, but if i try to click on the same video than the one playing, it doesn’t launch it again. And because of that, the playlist can’t autoplay, since it can’t reload the same video. If it tries to autoplay to a different video, it does work.

I usually use chrome, i tried in incognito mode, and i tried to do it on firefox via a temporary room, and it’s not working either.

The videos are mainly from youtube, but i tried with a music on soundtrack and i got the same problem.

I tried to activate all moderations to see if it could change something, and it does not change anything.

Thank you for your help, whoever it may be.

Thank you very much for your feedback. That sounds indeed like bug. I’ll have a look at this tomorrow!

I just rolled out an update that fixes this issue. Videos can be played even when the same video is currently active in the player. Would be great if you could test it out!

Everything’s ok now, Thank you for the update :wink:

Thanks! That was a really good and precise bug report!

The import button is not uploading playlists. Please help asap. I have a big party at 8pm est

hey there, it’s 1/2/21 and the Youtube import playlist function is still not working. Please advise.