Playlist limit?

i’m just curious if there’s a limit to how many videos we can put in a playlist? my friends and i use it to share music and we’ve got a lot lol

Hi! There is currently a limit of 1000 items per playlist. Hope this is enough for you?

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Hi, Florian. I have a question directly related to Sarahovesfoxes’. I understand there is a 1000 item limit. Last year, I want to load a playlist that wasn’t anywhere near your number limit, but it was old radio clips and radio broadcasts that added up to just over 16 hours to play through all of them.
I set up a saved playlist of these to listen to last year, and it was in a saved playlist, but my saved playlist was deleted half way through the list last year, as I was half way through listening to it.
In short, is there a time limit to a playlist?
It didn’t work last year, so I ended up just sharing a youtube URL with friends, but then we don’t all hear them at the same time. Could you please check on this for me? Thanks.

Hey and thanks for your feedback. Do I understand correctly that half of your clips were somehow deleted after you added them to a playlist? There is no limit regarding playback time for a playlist…

Hi, sorry for the confusion. No, it wasn’t that half of my playlist was deleted. I was half way through listening to a 16 hour playlist, that had already completed loading and was playing just fine, then about 8 hours into it, the entire playlist disappeared. I was just trying to figure out what might have happened.
I’m not familiar with your system and really had no idea what I may nor may not have done that might have been repsonsible. I was trying to see if I could figure out what might have happened.
Is it possible for someone else to delete my playlist, if it wasn’t the W2G plaform itself that did it?

Was there someone else with you in the room? In that case i could be that another user deleted your playlist. As an owner of a room you can prevent this by enabling moderation for the playlists. (You can find this in the sidebar menu)

I bet that’s exactly what happened. I didn’t know that I had to turn moderation ON. I simply assumed it would be ON by default, unless I allowed someone else access. As for whether someone was in the room or not, I have no idea, as it was audio with no video so I didn’t have the window up.
I bet you’re right. So I need to turn all moderation on and change my room to allow only people I’ve invited to the room. Which options are those? … just so I can get it right this time?
Thanks a lot for your help.

The room is private by default. Only when you are giving the link to someone or publish the link somewhere people can join. To have better control when you have published the link somewhere you can turn on "Members Only’ in the sidebar menu. In this case you have to approve everyone joining the room.