Playlist Limit Changed?

My friends and I have a music playlist that is roughly 800 videos currently, and we periodically update it on Watch2gether to include the new tracks. This has worked fine previously, but when we updated it yesterday, it only seemed to bring 550 videos into the playlist, and only displayed up to 550 before importing playlist. We tested this with a few public playlists from YouTube and again, any playlist we tried would cap out at 550.

Is this a new change or an error? I could only find some messages stating the limit on W2G capped out at 1000, which we thought was the case. Any info would be appreciated. Thanks

Thanks for your input and sorry for the late reply. There is a total limit 1000 item per list. Additionally there was a limit of 500 when importing. I just adjusted that limit to 1000 as well. Can you check if it works for you now?

Works as advertised now, thank you for the fix/change. Much appreciated from all of us

Cool, thanks for that feedback!