Playlist Import Limit

Browsing recent threads, i’m aware there was an issue the past few days with adding videos/importing playlists. The function of adding videos/importing playlists works now, however playlists to be imported are capping out at 100 videos. I’ve tried this with mutliple playlists, both unlisted and public and same issue persists. If you get chance, could you increase the importing amount back to 1000 again please?
No need to reply to this, will check back each day to see if functionality returns, thank you for your continued work on the site

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Thanks once more for your feedback. We deployed this intermediate solution which is limited to 100 videos. There will be a better solution but it’ll take some time. Please note that the limit does not apply to Watch2Gether playlists in general, you can still add up to 1000 videos. It’s just a limitation of how many items can be fetched from YT.

Hate to sound like a broken record, with you being the only one replying I assume most, if not all the work on the site is being run by one man. Do you have an ETA on when the limit will be increased again past 100? We’re able to split the playlist up into 8 parts but it’s a bit of an effort with not being able to copy playlists to new ones that well on YouTube.

Thanks for all the work you put in on the site and the forums, again apologies to bring up an issue you’ve already responded to but just wondering if we could have any sort of estimated time. Thank you

Don’t worry you can write us anytime. I appreciate it that you care about whats going on the site and i understand that the import limit is a real issue for you. At the moment it’s a bit difficult to estimate the effort necessary to fix this. But i promise you to look into it once more until the end of next week to come up with a fix or at least a better estimate! I’ll update this thread accordingly.

Necro’ing this thread, any news on the playlist limit issues? Trying to import a playlist won’t even bring it up anymore, regardless of size. Have tried on Firefox/Chrome, have tried in different rooms and had mutliple people try this too to no avail. Hoping for an update soon possibly after other issues worked on, thank you

I’m sorry that i did not keep my promise to get back to you on this. First of all: The import up to 100 entries is working again. Thanks for notifying me about this! Right now the effort to allow imports > 100 entries seems to be pretty large and unfortunately i have to postpone this to work on some other issues first. I’m sorry that do not have a better answer at this time :confused:

Would it makes sense to at least temporarily bump this limit for paid members?

Thanks for your feedback. This is real technical limitation which is not so easy to solve. Otherwise i would be happy to lift this limit for everyone.

Hey, is there any futher solution for this problem or at least a win that you can documentate?

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