Player goes out of Full-Screen when next song plays

Every time a song ends and goes to the next song, it always exits out of fullscreen. Unsure why this occurs, but seen it in another forum post.

Tested on Edge, Opera GFX, Vivaldi, Firefox & Chrome

Noticed on Firefox it tries to go to the next song fullscreen, but then decides to go out into normal player.

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Thanks a lot for your feedback! Are the songs you are listening to from YouTube?

Yes they are, all imported from YouTube. Just sadly this has recently occured

Thanks, I’ll look into this!

I checked it and it should work fine. Please make sure to activate fullscreen through the player menu (Icon in the bottom right) It does not work if you activate it by double clicking on the player or by using the fullscreen option of the embeeded platform. Does that help?

I was having this same fullscreen problem and here it worked by going through the lower gear.
If you double click it actually exits fullscreen at the end of the video.

Yeah just found that out aswell, so clicking the expand window icon is the way to make sure it stays fullscreen.

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Will we have to keep clicking the expand window icon, or will there be a fix eventually to fix double-click fullscreen for videos?

Did you try to press the key “f”? It will toggle fullscreen mode as well.

F works, just when you double click on the player, each new song puts it out of full-screen. So I guess pressing f will leave it in full-screen mode and wont be interupted.

Yes you are right. When you double click you trigger the full-screen mode of the embedded player (for example Youtube’s player) When you switch videos later this player is reloaded and therefore leaves the full-screen mode. Pressing “f” or using the full-screen option in the menu triggers the mode in Watch2Gether itself. Hope this helps.

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