Permanent rooms?


Was meaning to ask how is it possible to create a permanent room, so that I would not have to make one every 24h.
Saw it mentioned in a post, but for the life of me I just can’t find how to do it.

First of all you need to sign up for an Watch2Gether account (it’s free). Please note that you can only make those rooms permanent that you created by yourself. While in a room, click on the menu icon in the top right corner. In the menu bar that opens on the right side, you find a section labelled with"Save Room". Enter a name for the room into the input field and hit the “Save” button. The room should now be permanent.

Hello! I’ve already signed up, but the option is just not there. There is only option to create rooms, not save them.
These are all the options that I have
I can create any amount of temporary rooms I want and see them on my profile, but that’s about it.

Sorry, you are absolutly right… There was a problem with a recent update that caused the problem. I just applied a fix and you should be able to save your rooms now. Thanks for telling me about this issue!

New here…so if you save a room that is one that you can use for as long as you have it saved and the link to it never changes?

Yes, its exactly like this!

I can’t seem to save a room either.

Can you expain that in detail? What happens when you try to save a room?

I do not have a menu button. So how do I save a room?

Never Mind… I found the button, I was on the wrong screen

Thanks, im glad you found it!

i cant find the menu i wanna save the room

You have to be the owner of a room in order to be able to save it.