Page Keeps Crashing, Videos Sometimes Fall Out of Sync

I’m running the latest firerfox on windows 10.
Sometimes the page straight up closes my browser, other times only the tab crashes.
This page legit just broke my discord and restarted my browser as I was typing this.
Don’t have this issue anywhere else.
Sometimes when a user selects a new video it will play for others in the room but not the user, also on the same system configuration. This is not a matter of slow internet or poor system specs either.

Hi and thanks for your feedback. Do you have an adblocker installed or do you see the ads on the site?

I didn’t use one when I first visited the site. Then the ads kept slowing down the page so I blacklisted the site for my tracker blocking extension, which also disables ads sometimes.
Performance was okay for a while, but now it happens regardless. I’ve disable the extension and still have issues with page performance and desync between users.

Thanks for the details! Do you have any other extensions installed? If yes you could try to disable them one by one to check if any of them is causing the issue. I ran a test yesterday with Firefox and kept the page open for hours without experiencing these issues. How many users are in the room you are visiting?