Other person cannot hear me

So me and my girlfriend use Watch2Gether at night to watch videos together and stuff. She can’t talk because people are sleeping so it’s just me talking and her typing in chat. Well these past two days she can’t hear me at all. Nothing from my mic. My mic works and I have the right one selected, and it is enabled as always. We can both hear the videos that play, but she cannot hear me. Any help on this??

Thanks a lot for your feedback! Please check two things:

  • On your side: Next to the Mic Icon you see a little arrow. When you click on it you get a list of all input sound devices on your system. Make sure you have selected the right one.

  • On your GF side: When your mic is enabled she should see a little speaker icon and a volume slider in your avatar. She should make sure it’s not set to 0.

If this does not help please let me know if your are using computers or smartphones and which browsers are in use on both sides.