Optional video repeat, UI, and features?

Video seems to repeat constantly unless paused. (Would be nice to disable for rooms or W2G+ members)
Volume bar and seeker was fine the way it was before the new ui. (A new look for the UI doesn’t need to come out weekly!)
Some user bugs ends up skipping a few seconds ahead or behind every few seconds in video. Even if the user is not touching it. (moderation fixes but this is clearly a bug)
Site overall feels slower as if server migration or overload may be occuring?
20-30 second video desyncing through varying users.
Whats going on? the site was fine the past few months.

Hi and thanks a lot for your feedback. There was a bigger update last week which will bring a lot of advantages in the future but still has some issues that needs to be fixed. I have already addressed the issue of the repeating video and rolled out a fix for this. I would be interested in your point “user bugs ends up skipping a few seconds ahead or behind every few seconds” Can you elaborate further on when this happens and if its always the same user that causes this?

Yes as the video is playing on the top right it will show the user has skipped to a point in the video (usually a few moments to a few seconds) this repeats until i moderate the player. or pause the video.) This does not happen always and lately has been more stable.

Thanks for the details. A few more questions:

Is it always the same user causing the issue or does it happen across all users in the room?

Is the seek usually backwards in time or in both directions?

How many users do you have in your room?