Openload support with W2GSync?


I just wanna let you know that there are websites that dont detect the video like Openload. Are you guys working on that? I just want to know because that is going to help people A LOT watching films with friends at syncronized!

Thanks for reading!

Also I just logged into this, can any admins/mods change my name to Pibo or Piboliwor??

Hi and thanks for your input. W2gSync is intended to be a universal tool that allows to sync any video on any website. Therefore we are not working on support for specific websites. However, just yesterday we rolled out an update of the browser extension which might help in your case. Make sure you are running version 2.5 and give it a try. You can also send links to sites which are not working correctly to

i actually checked that today and it works properly, you can actually pause, unpause from wat2gether webpage and from the openload webpage which is pretty nice.

And could you help me about my name please? i dont want this to be my name, change to Pibo or Piboliwor??