Oops You appear to be offline

Cannot access website. Message saying ‘This app requires an internet connection’. Not having any problems with other websites.

Do you still see this issue? I can not reproduce this at the moment.

Hi Florian. I am in Australia and have been sharing YouTube videos on watch2gether with my friend in Vietnam for about a year now without any problems. For the past week or two she has been unable to access the website and only gets the above message. A friend of hers in IT has looked at the problem and he cannot find any reason why this is happening.
Kind Regards. Ian.

Hi Ian, thanks a lot for your feedback! Can your friend try two things and let me know if they work:

  • Try to access the site with a different device (phone or laptop).
  • Try to open the site in an incognito window of her browser (Browser menu > New Incognito window)