Only one camera available on mobile

My phone has 3 different cameras (rear, front, front infrared). For a brief period a few weeks ago, I was able to select any of the three for use on w2g and i used them all almost daily. As of now, only the front facing normal spectrum user-facing camera is available. I want them back.

Are we passing some constraints to enumerateDevices that filter out cameras? If so, I’d suggest not doing that and instead just heuristically reordering them so that the “selfie camera” is selected by default.

I have confirmed that it’s at least possible to do here: Select audio and video sources

Thanks for your feedback. With all of my test devices the option to select the video source works fine. Which phone / browser are you using?

Currently using pixel 4. Pixel 3 had the same issue. Friends with Samsung phones report the same.

I’ve only had this issue on mobile. I can confirm that there are multiple video options from my laptop.

I can also confirm that there are multiple audio sources available on mobile. It only seems to be video that is limited to a single source.

Thanks… can you select all cameras here WebRTC Test ?

Yes. All of them work there.

Can you do me a favor: After you enabled one of your cameras on Watch2Gether, can you make a right click on the site and select “inspect”. You should find an entry “#DEVICES’” in the console tab. Can you send me the long string below that entry by email to ? It should help me to find the issue.

Hey, did you read my last message? Would be really interesting to see the details of the devices available on your system.

Sorry I missed this. I can’t do that on mobile as far as I know. All cameras work on desktop.

Thanks for that feedback. But you are still seeing issues on mobile?

Yes I still can only use one camera on mobile, despite having 3.

I am also seeing 1 option now, “Camera2,1” and “Camera2,0” is missing.
At first I was able to select any one camera now it’s not showing even after clearing the data.
I checked on chrome and app, issue in both, using mobile Xiaomi 11T pro 5g, India version.

Thanks for your feedback. Can you provide me the version number of your browser?