Not working on iPad


I connected to a watch room with my ipad. Once with Chrome and once with Safari and the video never worked. The chat did but it would die eventually too. Is there any app or something I can use to be able to watch using my ipad?


Hi! Do you know which version of iOS you have on your iPad?

Hello! I am having a similar issue, I am using IOS 11, and I am unable to install the browser extension

I am having the same problem and I want to use Watch2gether on Wednesday evening so need a fix. I am a plus member and am using OS13.5 on my iPad Pr0.

The browser extension is unfortunately not available on all mobile browsers. You could try to use Firefox but I’m not 100% sure if Firefox supports extensions on iOS.

Just for the record, the extension will not work on Firefox or Chrome on an ipad. I tried it on iPad OS14 and the extension would not download in either browser.