Not all videos in playlist loaded

i have a playlist with music (150 tracks), but its always load only 116-117 tracks on W2G. How to fix it?
my friends and i listen those tracks.
my browser is Yandex.Browser (russian)

if you wanna check, here it is - Мама-анархия (Паровоз-анархия) - YouTube (my playlist with music that doesnt work)

Thanks a lot for getting in touch! This is a know bug at the moment. The effort to fix it is unfortunately quite high. But it’s on the to-do list for sure!

i created a new playlist and loading them one by one.

i think, you can do a second page for video (like on the screenshot) to change pages, if playlist has too much videos

hi, w2g, how its going?

Thanks a lot for your input. A playlist on Watch2Gether can generally have about 1000 entries. The problem here is fetching all of the video from Youtube.