Not able to use watch2gether

I can’t open watch2gether for some reasons. It says “you appear to be offline” but my internet connection is perfectly fine and my firewall is turned off. I have been using it everyday and it worked fine for over a month now but today it just started displaying the error when I tried to open watch2gether. I had to use vpn to access watch2gether again. Could you please help me?

Thanks for your feedback. Everything should be fine on our side. Where are you located? Can you access this forum without VPN?

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No I can’t. I was able to use it again after I posted the query but I tried to open it again right now and it won’t let me in.

Am I IP banned or something? Because I was able to use watch2gether for over a month everyday. But then while I was using my room today and it started glitching so I refreshed it and it displayed “Oops, you appear to be offline, this app requires an internet connection.”. My internet connection was completely fine and then I tried using vpn and it worked. After I posted the query, I tried refreshing again and it was back to normal. But now that I tried to search for watch2gether again, its displaying the same error.

When you see the error messages: Right click on the page and select “Inspect” In the dialog that opens up select the “Console” tab. Please mail a screenshot of the console to

Alright I will. Btw its working for now.

Most likely you already tried, but clearing the browser cache could help.