No online status and notifications

Three things which changed in the last time: Since a couple of weeks it’s not possible to see if someone is online or offline on the screen before entering the room.
Also the chat window clears itself if someone leaves the room. And there are no more sound notifications if someone is leaving or joining the room.
Bugs or for purpose?

Hi and thanks for your feedback. What you are experiencing are side effects of a major change in Watch2Gether’s backend some weeks ago. I’ll address these issues after Christmas and update this thread when a fix is available.

I just rolled out a fix for the online status on the overview page + the missing notification sound. Chat history will require a bit more work and will follow in January.

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So is it possible to keep the chat history, when people left the room? That would be great!

Hi! Im still working on this. Should be available by the end of February :slight_smile:

No chat history until now :frowning:

Yes, i’m sorry for this. Storing chat messages for a web based services means that you have to store and keep quite a lot of data on the servers. I’m working on a solution but this requires that some other work needs to be completed first.