No e-mail confirmation

So I just signed in today and there is a bar at the top of the page saying that I need to confirm my email. I got to my email and no confirmation is to be found. Help.

Thanks in advanced

Hi, could it be that the email is in your spam folder? Otherwise you can resend the confimation email by going to this page:

Oh yeah. It was in the spam folder like you said. Thanks a lot!

how do i get it off the annoying ads and when the ads are over it dosent even show what i wanted to watch -_-

Thanks a lot for your feedback. Is this realted to email confirmations? Can you be more specific? Why the the content that you select not playing? What do you see instead?

I had a previous account with the same user name as this one. I do not know what email I used because the account is from so long ago. Is there a way I can delete that other account or figure out which email I used by my user name? I need to delete the account so I can delete the password.
Thank you!

Thanks a lot for getting in touch. I understand your problem, but unfortunately i can not look up email addresses by username for data protection reasons.