New w2g video player doesn't allow arrow controls for fast foward or rewind

i really don’t like the new player, i REALLY hope it gets rolled back and wasn’t some kind of legal thing but like the title says the old one used to be able to fast forward and rewind with left and right arrows keys… as well as volume controls

It at first only used that player for websites that the extension needed (and i noticed right away the arrow controls were gone) and i remember saying “oh god, I hope it’s not going to be replacing the player they use for everything else”, and now today, me and my girlfriend are watching a youtube video, i wanted to rewind a bit to replay a bit that was making me laugh, when I realized…the new player was there, too, and lack of arrow controls came with it. It the old player doesn’t get brought back, at least add arrow controls, or maybe an option for the old player…

The arrow controls should work now with the new player!

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