New users should be asked to enter name

A lot of friends don’t know this site and sign on anon and I can make out who is who when the camera is on or when the microphone is on. However it’s impossible if they don’t do either.

I don’t want to force them to create an account. Instead when they log in if the default behavior was to ask them to set a nickname, it would make it much easier for me. Finding what to click to change the name is hard, so if the dialog always shows up if a random name is generated then it would be helpful. Not all users might want this so perhaps make a setting where people can enable the behavior?

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Thanks a for your feedback. New users should be prompted to enter a name already but this happens just once to not make it too annoying. Do you still see a lot of users with the randomly generated name?

Not as many as I used to, mostly because the audience has been declining. When did the change go in for first time users being asked to enter a name?

Just tried incognito and it works fine. I think I would prefer if a user had to type in atleast 2 characters before they could submit. Maybe a submit button and an anon user button that uses the randomly generated name.

That said, super low priority.