New user - trying to watch in a permanent room (I think) question

Good morning!

I’m sorry if I’m missing something easy.

I found a YouTube video last night that directed me to a watch2gether room. I assume it is a permanent room, because it’s still here, and the YouTube video was posted four days ago.

I have been trying to watch the playlist in the room, but I’m not getting anywhere. I get the “do not enter” cursor on everything I go over.

I created an account, but that didn’t change anything. I did find a bit in the “How to Use” about admin settings, but I don’t know if this is a sign of that.

Is this a sign of admin settings?

I assumed that if the room was permanent and available to the public, that anyone could go in and watch, even after the official “watch party” but maybe I’m wrong?

Would someone please correct me?