New user--trouble getting started

Having problems getting started with Basic Account When I try to add a direct YT link in my room for view, I get this message:

Do I need this extension? I am a teacher and want to be able to share YT videos with my class on Zoom and watch simultaneously.


Hi Amy,

no for YT you don’t need the extension. Which link are you trying to share?


Hi Florian,
Thanks for your quick response. I simply copy/pasted a direct YT link and it does not come up at all. Only this view to add another extension and I can’t get out of it.

Thanks so much!

Can you share the exact link that you pasted? Then i can double check it here.

Sure. Here you go:

Thanks, that link works fine for me. Which browser / version are you using? If in doubt you can check it here:

I am using Firefox. It finally did come up but it was a long wait. I am in a ‘Temporary Room’. Would it be faster to populate the videos I want to use to share ahead of time?? Most of them will be at least 30 min in duration. Thanks for your help!!

When you paste the link into the search bar at the top you should see a result withing 1-2 seconds. Otherwise something is wrong. Do you know the version of your Firefox?

You can paste the links ahead of time and add the videos to a playlist which makes it faster to switch between them.

Great. Thanks. It will not allow .mov from my own video library, correct? Or is there a way to view those simultaneously.

Thanks for all your help!

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