New Theme changes

Hello I’ve been opt-ing into the new W2G theme changes but I have to say I can’t stand it. I really tried but you’re doing more clicks for the same actions and that’s not really intuitive for me.

To be specific:

  • Removing a bunch of videos from playlists is a pita now, our group likes to manage the awesome playlists and keep them tidy, but now you have to click on the burger menu to remove a video, which… is 1 click more for I guess (1? title option) maybe think of compressing it down from 2 symbols into one if the viewport doesn’t give that much space.
  • Adding videos is the same now… click on the left search icon to popup the search field, now part of the video is blocked or depending on the browser weirdly scaled, at least on 1080p (yes the list/recommendations are there now too… but frankly I didn’t use them much)

These things aside I’m happy and really thank you guys for maintaining and developing w2g <3

Thanks I appreciate your feedback!

I changed the playlist menu to a dropdown since some users requested more space for the video titles. But I understand that it’s indeed a click more. Do you often have to delete many videos at once?

Regarding the search I’m not sure if it’s really a click more. When you select the search option, the search panel opens and the search input is automatically focused. So it’s basically “click > type or paste”. Before you would have to click into the search field and then type / paste.

Most desktops or laptops have plenty of horizontal but limited vertical space. Therefore one of the main ideas was to spread functionality horizontally instead of stacking blocks on top of each other. But I understand that some things are not perfect yet and I appreciate your feedback for further improvements!

Thank you for sharing your thought process, especially so swiftly!
Yes I get you maybe window layout is unique enough to make the difference if the most people have indeed enough vertically and the effect (better scrolling of the recommendations especially actually work).
About focusing it doesn’t happen for me I don’t see any reason for it to not work tho it may be some browser plug-in on my side.

Oh, and yes we use the delete option very much, so much/in rapid sucession that we even encountered some kind of ghosting (user 1 can’t delete one video after spam deleting but every other user can & very very rarely getting some videos left but they were actually there only client side.
We basically watch every day and roll-over a hefty amount of videos

Interesting that the input is not focused for you. Which browser are you using for W2G?

BTW… i added a new power users feature today. You can press “q” on your keyboard to open a quick search dialog. Paste a link to a video, hit enter and it’s directly played with no further clicked needed :wink:

I’ve also run into the “ghosting” problem when deleting videos too quickly. I think that’s a separate issue from the design change.

Regarding the vertical vs horizonal space, I agree with you, but in practice every other app knows this too and so it’s only really true when you just have one giant window. If you do split screen or float your window off to the side so you can work on something and still see w2g then it no longer applies. That’s my typical use case and the new layout is definitely worse for that.