New room member resets voting mode order

Easiest way to show this is to start voting mode playback with no votes.
Videos that are played are moved to the end of the queue.
If a new user joins the room, the order is reset, and the playlist starts playing from the beginning again.

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Thanks a lot for your feedback! There was indeed an issue. I just rolled out a fix. Can you try if it works better for you now?

Hi, The default order is now alphabetical, and the first track repeats.
The next track button also restarts the current track.

Voting and then pressing next track does play the voted for track, but then the play goes to the first track again which then repeats.

Yes the list is sorted by votes and then alphabetical if the vote counts are the same. This ensures that the order is the same in all clients. If you don’t want to vote you can switch the list back to the default order… But I think of a better sort order next week.

Sorry, I wasn’t really clear.

The problem now is that only up-voted tracks work, then it reverts to looping on one track - the first one in the list alphabetically.

If there are no up-voted tracks at all it loops on one track only and there is no way to move to the next one.

The sort order is a minor problem because it means that you get all of one band playing rather than a bit of a mix.

But it would be better to just stop when there are no more up-voted tracks, otherwise that first track becomes a bit annoying after the 4th or 5th time through.

The previous version was actually more usable as the order was more organic, the up-voted tracks worked, and you could always skip tracks that were repeating.

The order of non-voted tracks only reset when a new member joined the room, whereas now non-voted tracks don’t work at all.

If it is possible to store a wee bit more metadata with the playlist, it might solve the problem to have the sort order as:
LastPlayedDateTime (in UTC)

Where PlayListOrder is the enumerated position in the playlist in normal view (if you have that value).

That would mean refreshing everyone’s playlist every time something is played, but I guess you must be refreshing the list when votes are cast and items are added anyway?

Thanks for your input! Yes I was actually thinking about something like that. I will work on this next week and update you on the progress!

Thanks Florian, that’s very much appreciated.

Hi Florian,

Is there any news on the voting mode order at all?

Just to be able to queue things up in the order they’re voted in would be great.
Even if it just stops when there’s no more up-voted videos.

At the moment we just have to wait for the current video to finish and then click the next one.