New player for direct video URLs


I noticed the new player you use for direct video URLs and audio playback. Unfortunately, going into fullscreen is not possible anymore and the volume slider doesn’t feel like it should. Is there any specific reason for the new player? Also, could you add an option to use the old one?

I think updating the design of the old one and keeping the functionality would be the best way to go forward, I really think it’s quite polished.

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Thanks a lot for your feedback. The switch to the new player is for technical reasons and i will step by step migrate the other platforms as well. The player is not complete yet. i’ll add full screen early next week. Can you explain how the volume slider is not working correctly?

Fullscreen is now available in the new player!

Works fine, although it’s not possible to exit fullscreen via the same button, you have to use escape.
It would also be great if the volume was saved so you don’t have to adjust it after every video.

Fullscreen can now be exited with the same button. And you are right, the volume part needs some improvement!